chapter  16
The Jazz Consultation: Improvisation in Family Therapy
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The “jazz consultation”, or the use of jazz musicians as consultants to family therapy sessions, began because of my [A.B.]* boredom. Actually, it was more a restlessness each time I attended a family therapy conference, and the format was typically the same: presenter, videotape of a family therapy session, comments, comments on comments. There was a yearning I could not quite articulate. Of course, part of me was envious that I didn’t feel “expert” enough to show my work so confidently to large numbers of people. Was my discontent valid or was I simply jealous of my professional brothers and sisters? I love to feel confident of what I know, like I have a professional body of knowledge that backs me up, that tells me what’s “true,” that soothes uncertainty and vulnerability. I know well the drug that protects my perfectionism.