chapter  17
Goldilocks and the Three Bears Revisited
ByFred Ford, MD
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Once upon a time there was a little girl named Goldilocks who lived in a big house by the woods. She was in the habit of taking exploratory walks in the woods but would go only as far as the light lasted. One day she decided to go beyond her usual limit and see what more was there. As she went deeper into the woods, she came across a well-lit clearing with a neat brown house in the center of it. Being something of an extrovert, as people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder appear to be, she went right up and knocked on the door. The door swung open. She stepped inside the house. No one was there; the family had gone to town to pick up their medications at the pharmacy. She quickly discerned there was a pot of soup cooking on the stove. Naturally, what was a girl to do but taste the soup? As luck would have it, there were three bowls sitting on the counter. One bowl was very large, another was smaller, and the third was almost tiny. She took the tiny bowl and put a taste of soup in it. It was very good . She decided to have some more. She filled the middle-sized bowl and quickly swallowed it down. Then she filled the largest bowl and ate almost all of it. When she was finished, she yawned and felt sleepy. Looking around, she saw three chairs: one very large chair, one smaller chair, and one very small chair. She tried the biggest chair; it was too big. Then she tried the middle-sized chair, and it was too big and lumpy. So she tried the little chair, and it was too small. Seized by another large yawn, Goldilocks went upstairs to find a bed. Since everything in this house came in threes, she was sure she would find three beds. Sure enough, she found a big bed which was much too big for her. She tried it anyway. And a middle-sized bed. But it was too hard. In the next room she found a little bed, which was just right. Lying down, she fell fast asleep.