chapter  Chapter 12
The ethical dimensions of geoengineering
Solar radiation management through sulphate particle injection
WithNancy Tuana
Pages 16

This chapter explores the concepts and dimensions of "justice" as a lens through which to filter ethical questions and to focus the analysis on a particular geoengineering technique: solar radiation management through sulphate particle injection (SPI). Regional differences in precipitation impacts, however, are not the only component of ethical issues raised by SPI targets. The temperature and precipitation impacts of SPI will not only impact human well-being, but will also affect ecosystem and species well-being. There are at least five dimensions of justice relevant to SPI, including distributive justice, intergenerational justice, corrective justice, ecological justice, and procedural justice. One of the reasons SPI is seen as raising serious ethical issues is the question of intentionality. As noted by many ethicists writing on climate change, climate change is often not viewed as an ethical issue because it does not embody the characteristics of a paradigm moral problem.