chapter  Chapter 15
Past forays into SRM field research and implications for future governance
WithJack Doughty
Pages 7

Outdoor field research studies self-identifying as or closely related to solar radiation management (SRM) technology have already been carried out by scientists. Exploring how these past outdoor research projects were carried out highlights the need for existing governance to be adapted to ensure that these concerns are addressed. The chapter focuses on specifically at three examples of outdoor research. First, Yuri Izrael's solar radiation experiment carried out in Russia with an uncertain degree of scientific credibility and an unclear assessment process. Second, E-PEACE, an experiment which while not identifying as SRM resulted in clear implications for marine cloud brightening technology post hoc. Third, The SPICE project's cancelled balloon deployment experiment, whose "stage gate" process was interested in exploring a wide range of SRM governance issues. The E-PEACE experiment highlights the difficult challenge for SRM governance, no matter what form it adopts, in ensuring do not avoid wider concerns by how they define their experiments.