chapter  Chapter 16
Village science meets global discourse
The Haida Salmon Restoration Corporation’s ocean iron fertilisation experiment
WithHolly Jean Buck
Pages 6

This chapter explains how and why the story developed and unfolded as it did, and examine what can be learned. It explores the three themes are the tension between citizen/village-scale science and institutional science, the media response to the event, and the slippery definition of geoengineering. Perhaps the project became geoengineering on October 15, 2012, when The Guardian presented it as such. In October 2012, the ETC Group–a technology watchdog group with nine members and a million-dollar budget–"contacted international press outlets to alert them" about the project. In conclusion, the case has pointed to the mounting set of problems with the umbrella term "geoengineering". As a linking term, "geoengineering" served to connect the salmon restoration project not just with solar radiation management, but with imaginaries of global control, fossil fuel industry corruption, conservative think tanks, and a whole web of signifiers that are unconnected with this specific project save the semantic link.