chapter  Chapter 23
A Chinese perspective on solar geoengineering
WithWeili Weng, Ying Chen
Pages 4

With emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) continuing to escalate, scientists and policymakers are giving increasing attention to solar geoengineering or solar radiation management (SRM): a suite of hypothetical technologies with the potential to dramatically alter the dynamics of climate change and cool the climate. There are some debates on why and how China would carry out geoengineering, but none of these arguments have been supported by solid evidence. There is a gap in the research on the science and regulation of geoengineering between China and most research activities that have actually taken place in developed countries. As geoengineering has global implications, developing countries like China need to be included in international discussions about research and governance activities. An initiative begun in 2015 – a coordinated geoengineering research project funded by the National Key Basic Research Program of China on physical mechanisms, climate impacts, and risks and governance – may help incorporate Chinese expertise and perspectives into increasingly global conversations.