chapter  Chapter 24
Climate engineering and small island states
Panacea or catastrophe?
WithPenehuro Fatu Lefale, Cheryl Lea Anderson
Pages 5

Climate engineering research may soon no longer be confined to the domain of a few nations. For small islands, the emergence of climate engineering as a possible supplement to mitigation and adaptation strategies presents a political, policy, and scientific dilemma. Climate engineering – in particular, solar radiation management (SRM) – will likely have profound effects on them. It could be the panacea they are searching for in their quest to stabilise the climate or a potential anthropogenic catastrophe in the making. Climate change is the most serious challenge facing small islands. Greenhouse gas emissions from small islands are negligible in terms of global emissions but the threats of climate change and sea-level rise to small islands are very real. By setting a regulated monitoring system in place at all levels – local, national, regional, sub-regional, and international – at the early stages of climate engineering research and deployment, potential catastrophes can be minimised.