chapter  Chapter 2
Philosophy of technology and geoengineering
WithDane Scott
Pages 11

In this chapter, the author worry about to what philosophies will ultimately help shape our collective response to geoengineering. And, it will inquire into what philosophy, or philosophies, would best serve to undergird our collective response to geoengineering. He serves as a guide of sorts in a brief tour of philosophy of technology–to get the lay of the land, if we will. The landscape of philosophy of technology has been mapped in several ways, and it is far more detailed and complicated than this brief tour might indicate. This tour will look at three contrasting philosophies of technology, which he will term: technological progressivism, technological pessimism, and technological "pragmatism". From each of the three perspectives, important questions are asked about geoengineering. The instrumentalism of technological progressivism would likely cause people to look past the moral and political significance of geoengineering proposals.