chapter  Chapter 27
Opposition to geoengineering
There’s no place like H.O.M.E.
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Seventeen working groups contributed to a Peoples Agreement, which explicitly rejected geoengineering as a "false solution" to climate change. From Cochabamba, the "Hands Off Mother Earth" (HOME) campaign to oppose geoengineering experiments was launched. As much as the unintentional ¬"geoengineering" of the Industrial Revolution disproportionately harms tropical and subtropical parts of the planet, intentional geoengineering experiments could well do the same. A rejection of geoengineering is not a denial that science has an important role to play in dealing with climate change. "Hands Off Mother Earth" campaigners assert that not enough is known about the Earth's systems to risk geoengineering experiments in the real world. No one knows if these experiments are going to be inexpensive, as is often assumed – especially if they don't work, forestall more constructive alternatives, or cause adverse effects. Without that acknowledgement, geoengineering can only be geopiracy and it is a threat to the entire natural world, including each one of us calling Earth HOME.