chapter  Chapter 32
The solar radiation management governance initiative
Advancing the international governance of geoengineering research
WithAlex Hanafi, Steven P. Hamburg
Pages 4

The issues associated with geoengineering research and deployment extend far beyond the science of how to safely use the technology. The most difficult issues lie in the areas of ethics, politics, and governance. As an early programme designed to build capacity for understanding, cooperation and practical action on solar radiation management (SRM) research governance, Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative (SRMGI) offers preliminary lessons for emerging regimes of geoengineering governance. With SRM research in its infancy, but interest in the topic growing, now is the time to establish the norms and governance mechanisms that ensure that where research does proceed, it is safe, ethical, and subject to appropriate public oversight and independent evaluation. Most participants in SRMGI's regional workshops, while displaying a healthy scepticism of SRM technologies, recognised the value of SRM research. In general, they also expressed a high level of interest in international cooperation on low-risk research activities, and in developing international governance arrangements.