chapter  6
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Organizing Atlanticism: The Bilderberg Group and the Atlantic Institute, 1952-1963 Valerie Aubourg

The Bilderberg group, which has created an abundant but often polemical literature, and the Atlantic Institute, which has been largely and unfairly ignored by historical works,1 can be fruitfully compared in their historical development. Both private, transatlantic organizations, they originated in 1952-53, grew in the 1950s and flourished in the early 1960s. Each rested on its own specific, informal, transatlantic networks, which only partly overlapped, and their analysis can help to shed light on the general context of private networks and the Cold War with a particular emphasis on the 'Atlantic Community' concept. Both received funding, at one time or another, from the Ford Foundation. But these two cases also describe a very active European participation, and suggest that the European influence on the formulation of Atlanticism' has been more important than is often presented.