chapter  12
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Where Was I? Or Was I?

ByBarry Kanpol

Critically, the subjective-objective (Phillips, 1990; Guba, 1990; Roman and Apple, 1990) debate as a part of qualitative research continues, and is vitally connected to critical practice and the prior questions I posed. Given the qualitative paradigm I have embraced and the critical ethnographic approach I have adopted over all my case studies (Kanpol, 1992, 1994), one thing is certain: none of this research would have been possible without the intrusion of my own subjectivity, personal biases or political agenda. No research is innocent or devoid of a political agenda, whether overt or covert! Given this statement, as a critical ethnographic researcher (or anyone who conducts research for that matter) one may not be aware of the often times political climate or incursions one is making into the research site. No political, or counter-hegemonic invasions into schools can be made without eventually understanding one’s relationship to social structures, which embraces one’s personal history.