chapter  21
BAT-AMI ZUCKER The Genesis of the Special Relationship Between the United States and Israel, 1948–1973
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Since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, a special relationship has developed between the United States, one of the largest and most powerful nations, and Israel, one of the smallest Middle Eastern countries. It’s most obvious and profound expression has been America’s continuing support for Israel’s existence and safety. Despite occasional discord and contrasting trends among American policymakers, especially those who consider support for Israel to be a burden on American Middle Eastern policy, the fundamental sympathy and support for Israel has not diminished. Israel is perceived and discussed in favorable terms, and support for Israel enjoys wide appeal, bipartisan consensus, and acknowledgment by presidents and the Congress. The long-standing U.S.- Israeli relationship is unusual even among friendly nations. The fact that it has endured despite the absence of any formal arrangement, even at times when strategic logic dictated against strong support for Israel, suggests that strategic motives alone cannot fully explain the relationship between the two countries.