chapter  10
Democracy, culture and the politics of gate-keeping in Cambodia: the transnation goes home C A RO LINE HUGHES
Pages 21

In her study of ‘flexible citizens’ in Southeast Asia, Aihwa Ong (1999) describes the creative juggling of identities across borders imposed by different regimes of nation-state and capital. This chapter examines the implications of such flexible citizenship in a particular context – the context of promoting international democracy in nations emerging from conflict and the participation of flexible citizens in such projects. It is argued that such projects represent the erection of new regimes of truth and that flexible citizens are well placed to benefit from these. However, it is also argued that in the Cambodian case, inequalities in access to resources and the conjoining of international and transnational discourses of power have not proved conducive to the emergence of the equality of juridical citizenship necessary for the promotion of democracy.