chapter  6
Provincial organization in the Roman and Late Antique eras
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Pompey’s settlement of the East led to the formation of the province of Syria in 64 BC which was used through the succeeding centuries as a power base for launching and sustaining military operations. Various legions were either based there or sent forth to implement the plans of the leaders of Rome, especially the emperors. The governors were chosen because of distinguished service at Rome as consuls, or praetors. Their roots were frequently Italian. As the empire changed, the governors were chosen for their military prowess and experience in the wider empire. In order to understand better the role that Berytus played in the centuries of Roman domination, it is important to understand the administration of the province in which Berytus is situated. Therefore, an extensive presentation will be made of provincial organization and its identity in the empire. The first province to be considered is that of Syria; the second will be Phoenicia, as established by Septimius Severus.1