chapter  9
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Financial services customer relationships: meanings, motivations and manifestations

ByAnnie Pei-I Yu and Tina Harrison

The fi nancial services industry has been recognized as a suitable context for relationship marketing. Financial services can be complex, customized and delivered over a continuous series of transactions (Ennew and Waite 2013 , O’Loughlin and Szmigin 2006 ). Buyers are relatively unsophisticated; information asymmetries exist and buyers face uncertainty regarding technical outcomes due to credence qualities (Farquhar and Meidan 2010 ). There are alternative suppliers in the marketplace, in most cases the buyer controls selection of the service provider, switching and multiple subscriptions are possible for many types of fi nancial products (Lees et al. 2007 ). Finally, there are frequently legal or contractual bonds between the parties, some that carry economic consequences (Harrison 2000 ).