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ByGreta Gaard, Simon C. Estok, Serpil Oppermann

As ecocriticism grows stronger through its intersections with the environmental sciences, environmental politics and philosophy, literary and cultural studies, postcolonial theory, globalization theories, and queer theory, reclaiming ecocriticism’s feminist lineage has become more and more urgent. In our attempt to “reassemble the ecocritical” (to borrow Bruno Latour’s book title, Reassembling the Social), we seek to bring ecocriticism into an even closer alliance with environmental feminist studies. Drawing upon the resources of ecofeminist theories and criticism, but going beyond their methodologies, we offer a new practice of feminist ecocriticism: here, ecocriticism speaks in multiple feminist voices that draw attention to such issues as sexual and environmental justice; women’s active roles in environmental, social, and interspecies justice issues; as well as questions around gendered bodies, postcolonial ecofeminist concerns, feminist re-working of affect theory, posthumanist analyses of power, gender, and ecology, and green queer theories. Our edited volume presents a diversity of feminist ecocritical approaches that affirm the continuing contributions, relevance, and necessity for a feminist perspective in environmental literature, culture, and science.