chapter  15
Dreams and wishes: the multi-sensory museum space
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Specically sensory engagement with objects on display such as a small Shona headrest (c.1900 by an anonymous maker) that could t the human hands, is shown to be enhanced through direct physical engagement with objects in the handling collection. Feeling links between the materiality or thingness of museum objects, and the mindful creative work they can inspire is developed throughout the chapter, by considering playful active learning experiences in both the museum but also at school. In addition to emphasizing the tangible material culture

exhibited in the museum and in the handling collection the value of employing contextual material, such as traditional stories and songs, to further the children’s embodied experiences is explored. e importance of prompting communication, through non-verbal body language, oral exchange in dialogue, creative writing and artwork are key to the projects discussed. Furthermore such prompts are benecial to all young children, and particularly those suering emotional diculties on the autistic spectrum, as will be considered below.