chapter  11
19 Pages

Institutional policy for vocational education and training delivery

WithPeter Le Cornu, Deon van der Merwe, Dermot Moore, Stephanie K. Nduba, Frank Rennie

This chapter examines the policies and processes that Vocational Education and Training (VET) institutions put in place in order to deliver VET at a distance. Technikon SA (TSA) has created an infrastructure at institutional level to promote innovative practice. TSA's integrated technology centre is an example of how institutional support centres can encourage the use of information and communication technologies through an institution-wide learning system which links with the central administration system. Both academic and industry-based subject experts need to collaborate closely with the institutional facilities that provide distance-education expertise and infrastructure. African medical and research foundation has institutionalised the training of health workers in Africa in response to expanding health services and a growing demand for trained staff with the necessary knowledge, skills and professional attitudes for the job. South African technikons are differentiated from the traditional universities by their strong tradition of co-operative education, placing them in a good position to address the new VET imperatives.