chapter  12
20 Pages

Learning for and in the workplace

WithMargaret Haughey, Abuhena Mohammed Faruque, Donna Hensley, Bernadette Robinson

This chapter focuses on learning in and for the workplace through three case studies that highlight the activities of adult learners who are preparing for occupations, or developing competencies to enhance their employ- ability. The first case aims at helping young people enter the workplace, the second provides training for adult learners who may or may not be employed, while the third provides training for learners already in the workplace. Effective and ongoing communication between all stakeholders is critical to the success of the training and its relevance to workplace requirements. Diverse content sources such as text, video, web, CD teacher and workplace trainers are used, with an emphasis on personalised learning opportunities such as rolling enrolments, recognition of prior learning and self-paced study choices. Practical skills are assessed in face-to-face workshops or in the workplace by a mentor or assessor.