chapter  3
22 Pages

Continuing professional education across borders

WithDavid Murphy, Arjuna Aluwihare, Patrick Guiton, Andrea Hope, Angela Kwan

Distance education lends itself to training that is highly specific, short and typically not taken for formal credit. The training initiative that Commonwealth of Learning (COL) has undertaken jointly with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) tries to emulate best practice in the regard, and to build a model for wider application for international development agencies. This chapter discusses three case studies of programmes developed under the auspices of the COL, with a view to identifying the major planning and implementation issues which the policy maker and local training providers must address in making best use of the materials developed. The three case studies are: a legal drafting programme created by COL for professionals in Commonwealth countries; a communications skills course for UNHCR workers; and a programme for basic skills training in surgery for use by surgeons and other trained health workers.