chapter  5
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Canadian e-learning policy and vocational education

WithIrene Lewis

In the mid-1990s the concept of electronic learning (e-learning) was relatively new. E-learning increases the supply of highly educated and skilled individuals who are required by employers. The value of e-learning was recognised in the report of the Advisory Committee and the recommendations emphasised the need to enhance the quality of e-learning and to improve access to it. A full e-learning implementation requires students to have laptops and the goal is that every programme will have at least one course that uses an e-learning format by September 2003. In the Canadian post-secondary system there are many examples of institutions regarded as the early adopters of e-learning methodologies. The regional presence of colleges and technical institutes and their strong emphasis on vocationally oriented curricula in a range of semi-professional and technical programme areas make them well-positioned to address many of Canada's skills-training challenges.