chapter  6
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The Australian Flexible Learning Framework

WithPhoebe Palmieri

The peak body for Vocational Education and Training (VET) is the Australian National Training Authority (ANTA), which came into being as the result of an agreement between Commonwealth and state and territory heads of government in 1992. Flexible Learning Advisory Group (FLAG) reports to their chief executive officers as a group, advising the ANTA chief executive officers on national policy matters related to the directions and priorities for flexible learning in VET, and especially those concerning online technologies. Australian Flexible Learning Framework for the National VET System 2000-2004. A universal and reliable infrastructure is obviously necessary to under-pin the aims of the Framework. Equally, and obviously, it is well outside the ambit of FLAG, or even of the education sector as a whole, to realise this situation. FLAG has come to see its task as investigating salient aspects of the issues, with a view to feeding the resulting information and conclusions into the proper national forums.