chapter  1
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Introduction: the historic turn in management and organizational studies: a companion reading

ByTerrance G. Weatherbee, Patricia Genoe McLaren, and Albert J. Mills

While we are collectively embedded within the varied interests and eff orts comprising the historic turn, the story of this particular project starts with one of us. In 2012 Routledge decided that it was time for a Routledge Companion to Management and Organizational History . Our editor contacted Patricia Genoe McLaren and invited her to edit the companion. Trish immediately contacted Albert (Mills), who jumped at the opportunity to be involved, and Albert recommended bringing Terrance (Weatherbee) on board as well. Albert quickly drafted the fi rst version of the proposal for this volume he had been thinking about for years, and after input from Trish and Terry the proposal was sent to Routledge, where it was quickly accepted. With the publisher having successfully enrolled the editors, it became time to put into practice what we had been preaching to ourselves in the proposal.