chapter  14
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The future of history: posthumanist entrepreneurial storytelling, global warming, and global capitalism

WithDavid M. Boje and Rohny Saylors

It is essential that we rethink the paradigmatic limitations of the fi eld of organizational history (Foster, Mills & Weatherbee, 2014 ), in particular as related to Management and Organization Studies (cf. White, 2013 ) and Critical Management Studies (cf. Leca, Gond & Cruz, 2014 ; Reis, 2014 ). The purpose of this chapter is to rethink the relationship between history and storytelling by integrating an entrepreneurial posthumanist take on the relation between global warming and global capitalism. The line of logic is as such. Storytelling is an integrative complex relation of posthumanist concerns. Often this is glossed over by simply historicity. If we bring in the polyphonic storytelling of historicity, we see that global warming and global capitalism are fundamental to history. Entrepreneurial posthumanism provides hope for praxis storytelling historicality.