chapter  26
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Processing history: bringing process-oriented research to management and organizational history

WithWilliam M. Foster and Roy Suddaby

Management and organizational history (MOH) is a growing area of research. This is evidenced by the growing number of new outlets for historical research on organizations. One example is the development of Management & Organizational History as a leading journal for research about history in organizational studies. Another has been growth in the number of meetings and conferences (e.g. the Standing Working Group at the European Group for Organizational Studies, the Business History stream at the Atlantic Schools of Business) for research that straddles the boundary of history and organization theory. There is a growing awareness that MOH research has a reach and infl uence that cuts across the paradigmatic boundaries and silos of traditional management theory. The Special Topics Forum for the Academy of Management Review is but one of a number of examples of how MOH is reaching a level of recognition as a growing and infl uential part of management research.