chapter  27
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Turning how and where? The potential for history in management and organizational studies

WithMatthias Kipping and Behl ü l Ü sdiken

In the remainder of this commentary, we will briefl y discuss each of the following: (i) the origins and the nature of the early calls for more history in management and organization studies, which we suggest were a reaction to the increasingly dominant timeless and universalist theorizing on management and organizations since the 1960s; (ii) the divergence that became apparent in the ways to engage with history in the 2000s, which, in our view, has somewhat obscured the explicit or latent anti-scientistic/anti-positivist position of most recent supporters of management and organizational history; (iii) fi nally, moving beyond recent suggestions on how to bridge the now taken-for-granted gap between history and management and organization studies, we argue that there is promising and largely unexplored potential in accommodating, though not fully embracing, the dominant (social) science paradigm.