chapter  4
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Requirements engineering in information systems development

The development of an information system normally goes through several stages, and this whole process is termed a systems development ‘lifecycle’. There are various definitions of a systems development lifecycle (see, for example, Avison and Fitzgerald 2006; Carmel and Becker 1995; Hedman and Lind 2009). Many researchers have been engaged in bettering the methods for each of the phases in a lifecycle. Some of the methods are aimed at one of the phases, while others are claimed to be useful for more than one of them. A great deal of attention has recently been paid to the analysis and specification of users’ requirements. This is because, by examining the sources of difficulty for large systems projects, the incorrect code is a relatively insignificant factor, dwarfed by incorrect functional specifications and (even more significantly) incorrect requirements (Chakraborty et al. 2012; Nuseibeh and Easterbrook 2000).