chapter  4
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Psychological aspects of rehabilitation adherence

ByMegan D. Granquist, Britton W. Brewer

Existing theoretical frameworks (for more details, see Chapter 3) and empirical evidence are in agreement that rehabilitation adherence is an essential component for successful sport injury rehabilitation (Arnheim and Prentice, 2000; Bassett, 2003; Bassett and Prapavessis, 2007; Fisher, Mullins and Frye, 1993; Flint, 1998; Kolt, Brewer, Pizzari, Schoo and Garrett, 2007;Taylor and May, 1996; Udry, 1997). More specifically, rehabilitation nonadherence has been associated with poorer overall rehabilitation outcomes (for example, functional ability, strength, range of motion; (Brewer, 1998; Brewer et al., 2000) and potentially has an impact on increasing the risk of re-injury (Arnheim and Prentice, 2000).