chapter  25
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Online hate and cyber-bigotry 1

A glance at our radicalized online world
WithAbbee Corb

The rise in worldwide hate crimes, coupled with the changes in social and political environments, and the flourishing of various global groups, have been propagated and advanced through the use of technology by means of the Internet. In fact, in 1995, the first white supremacist hate-related website, Stormfront, went online, evolving from a dial-up Bulletin Board System. Stormfront, a creation of American Klansman Don Black, was a more than ambitious effort to reach out and “educate the leaders of tomorrow”. The placement of websites with providers located in countries with minimal or non-existent hate crime laws, coupled with foreign-based bulletin boards, and social networking sites, have aided in the ideological furtherance, recruitment and radicalization efforts of those active in the various extremist movements. Online hate rhetoric, cyber-hate and hate-bullying can easily impact and influence young people, as well as aid in the manipulations of their thoughts and views.