chapter  29
Forensic science and hate crime
WithPaul Smith
Pages 11

This chapter provides an overview of forensic science with reflections on its use in hate crime cases. It also provides a limited overview of the basic tenets of forensic science and its application to hate crime, focusing on the London nail bomber. The chapter explains a real world stance acknowledging that forensic science embodies a resource to be used intelligently and prudently based on the context of the investigation. It discusses forensic science operates. The chapter presents the contemporary issues and constraints affecting its use in practice along with the fundamentals of forensic science. The absorption of forensic science in social culture has been comprehensively documented throughout the many textbooks and commentaries on the subject. From a forensic science perspective, forensic science research and academic commentary is embroiled in techniques and scientific principles commonly deployable to a range of crime types and their extended application, both in a positive and negative sense.