chapter  32
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Helping offenders to ‘think again’

A practitioner's perspective on developing an intervention for hate offenders
WithEila Davis

Considerable professional contact with a diversity of general and ‘specialist’ offenders had created a strong impression that the thinking of Carl Rogers, which inspired the concept of motivational interviewing, is fundamental to engagement and rehabilitation. The introduction of evidence-based practice with offenders was in full swing, stirring up mixed views throughout the Probation Service. Some practitioners welcomed a more structured and prescriptive form of rehabilitation, whereas others were doubtful and wary, fearing that scope for professional creativity and judgement was being curtailed. Think Again is faithful to the ethos of the adapted One to One programme but is delivered as part of standard reporting and is more modest in length. ‘Think Again’ includes, therefore, content intended to increase the participant’s sense of being a member of a society in which they can play a useful part.