chapter  11
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Psychotherapy for binge eating disorder

WithMyrA AlTMAn, DEnISE E. WIlFlEy, JUlIETTE M. IACovIno, hEAThEr l.

BED is associated with significant functional impairment (rieger et al. 2005), but prognosis is good with appropriate therapeutic intervention. Specialist treatments for BED, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT), which directly address binge eating and related psychopathology, are associated with robust short-and long-term binge abstinence rates. CBT and IPT have been found to produce superior outcomes as compared to pharmacotherapy (Devlin et al. 2005), and generalist treatments such as behavioral weight loss (BWl) (Grilo et al. 2011; Wilson et al. 2010) and supportive psychotherapy (kenardy et al. 2002).