chapter  12
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Unintentional demarketing


While a body of academic work exists on the topic of demarketing, the lack of academic focus on the concept of “unintentional demarketing” or unintended consequences of marketing/demarketing which can result in unintentional demarketing effects, is striking, and no qualitative/quantitative research studies address these specific topics. Kotler and Levy (1971) identified unintentional demarketing as one of four types of demarketing but, at the same, dismissed the need for further discussion of it. While their intention was likely to limit the scope of their article, the effects of unintentional demarketing are so common, and can be so detrimental and expensive for organizations, that they bear closer examination and empirical research. This chapter, then, is an initial attempt to explore the various interpretations

and manifestations of the concept of “unintentional demarketing” as well as its consequences and implications for both marketers and academicians. Given the paucity of prior literature and need for future concentration on the topic, it concludes with opportunities for future research and related questions.