chapter  13
An introduction to financial public relations
ByKeeley Clarke
Pages 13

M any people in PR are unclear about financial PR and investor relations andthere is little literature around to help clarify its role and activities or set outclearly its aims and objectives. Financial PR is not PR for financial services companies, such as accountants or banks. This is financial services marketing. Financial PR is the management of communication between a listed company and its financial audiences, which refers to the City. A listed company is a company whose shares are traded on the Stock Exchange. These companies have to operate within rules and regulations and report on their activities and financial performance to their investors. They are assisted by advisers: a corporate financier who helps to develop the business by exploring ways to fund growth; a nominated broker who manages the buying and selling of the shares; an accountant who audits the financial accounts; a lawyer to ensure compliance with the laws governing commercial companies; and a financial PR adviser who helps build awareness and understanding of the company in the City.