chapter  11
Children’s places of belonging in immigrant families of Caribbean background
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Children are usually seen as playing a key role in migration processes because of their particular place in the inter-generational order of cultural transmission. Whereas adult migrants have been regarded as steeped in the cultural values and social relations they knew from their country of origin, their descendants, whether they migrated while they were still young or were born in the migration destination, have been viewed as important agents of integration into the receiving society. Migrants’ children have therefore constituted an important focal point of study in research on the integration processes of migrants. Much of this research has examined migrants’ children in relation to their place of origin and various social and economic indicators of their levels of integration into the society of the receiving country. However, there has been relatively little interest in investigating migrants’ children as actors in their own right, capable of developing different ties and places of belonging that reflect their understanding and interpretation of their everyday lives, wherever they live.