chapter  6
The Quiet American (1958 and 2002)
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A combination of motives, including the intrinsic merit of the Vietnam story itself, as well as an opportunity for an Australian growing up against the background of his own country’s history of dependence, to expose the self-serving hypocrisies of colonialism (Morrow 2002: 10-11) led to a desire to remake The Quiet American. Clearly, as both Noyce and Christopher Hampton (along with Robert Schenkkan the scenarist) claimed that their version was not to be yet another film about the experience of Americans fighting the war in Vietnam, but ‘why the fighting occurred, why the Americans prosecuted that war over such a long period with such vehemence’ (Production Notes 2002: 10), the film appealed to a director like Sydney Pollack with a track record in socially conscious films.