chapter  5
Push and pull: forces that are shaping inclusion in the United M A RG ARET J. MCL AU GHLIN AND ANNE JOR DA N
ByStates and Canada
Pages 25

This chapter discusses current interpretations of ‘inclusive education’ in Canada and the United States within the context of the rapidly evolving educational policies occurring in both countries. These policies are characterized by their focus on increasing the educational performance of students and closing the achievement gap between traditional ‘high achievers’ and those students who have traditionally not benefited from public education to the same extent. This demand for equality of educational achievement is redefining educational equity in both countries. The similarities and contrasts between Canada and the US in terms of how special education policy and practice are evolving within the changing concept of equity are made evident in this chapter, with particular attention to how the policies are exacerbating the ambiguities surrounding the concept of ‘inclusive education’.