chapter  4
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Competition, Collaboration and Cooperation: An Uneasy Triangle in Networks of Firms and Regions


Major changes in global markets are affecting the way globalization form of development. Throughout, it is

in which networks of firms and regions operate. In the asserted that an understanding of the interrelationships

late 1980s and 1990s, many analysts (e.g. Amin and among the 3Cs and the primary constraints affecting

Robbins , 1990; Aoki , 1990; Best , 1990; Dore, those relationships will help local and national govern-

1986; Gertler, 1988; Harrison , 1992, 1994; ment and industrial decision-makers make effective

Hirst and Zeitlin , 1992; Imai and Komiya , 1994; firm, labour and regional policies.