chapter  5
Part 1 Teaching Jacqueline Wilson
Pages 33

Andy’s parents no longer get on together, so they decide to separate. This means that 10-yearold Andy has to leave Mulberry Cottage and all that she loved about it. This is bad enough, but even worse is the reality of having to live with two new families in two different homes. Andy’s life is suddenly turned upside down, and the weekly shuttle between her mother and father is tiring and destabilising. Andy clashes with ‘little ratbag Katie’, the indulged younger daughter of her mother’s new partner, and she is deeply hostile to her dad’s new partner, Carrie, and her hippy, peace-loving, wholefood lifestyle. Andy falls badly behind in her work at school, gets into trouble with both new families, and cannot ever be alone when the worst thing imaginable happens. She loses her beloved toy Radish, her only constant friend. Just when things could not get more unbearable, she finds kindness and affection in a new relationship and the beginnings of an acceptance of her new life, which holds some unexpected compensations.