chapter  4
From the Hypermodern City to the Gray Zone of Total Mobilization in the Philippines
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In the hypermodern city, the “project(ile)s” of hypermodernity, namely,hypercapitalism, globalitarianism, and militarization, surround us, generating the “molar-project(ile)” of hypermodernization: the deterritorialization and reterritorialization of humanity. What does this signify for the materiality and mentality of our everyday life in the hypermodern city? According to our hypermodern sociocultural perspective, the changes have been extreme. Indeed, and inspired by Paul Virilio’s “archeology of the future,” we argue that the hypermodern city and what Albert Einstein called the “military mentality” are ceding to the time-space of Giorgio Agamben’s “gray zone” and what we call “total mobilization.” A time-space or “mobile city” cut loose from temporal and territorial, social and cultural responsibility, the gray zone is presently effecting a new mentality of total mobilization conditioned by emergency and disintegration.