chapter  9
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ByTorben Dam, Jens Balsby Nielsen

Case study: The Harbour Park, Islands Brygge, Copenhagen

Project data

Project name: The Harbour Park, Islands Brygge Location: Iceland Docks, Copenhagen Planning period: 1st draft December 1993, planning commencement 1994 Construction period: 1995-2000 Costs: DKR25 million

€4.1 million without buildings Area: 2.8 hectares (28.000m²) Landscape architects: Annelise Bramsnæs and Poul Jensen, Copenhagen Client: City of Copenhagen, represented by Roads and Parks Department Awards: The Danish City Planning Award 2003

The project chosen as the case study for this chapter is a continuation of the Danish traditions of unpretentious, functional, geometrical forms and excellent technical execution down to the last detail. On the other hand, the Harbour Park reflects the new approach to relaxed outdoor life in an urban context which has become familiar in Barcelona, Berlin, the Netherlands and France.