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Most Holy Father, because it will suit us on many occasions to send letters to your Holiness, not only for our own needs but for the advancement of the people of our household and for others, and on this we are informed by my lord William de Montague that it would please you to have from us some private counter-sign by which you may tell which requests are important to us and dear to our heart, and which are not; We affectionately beseech your Holiness that the requests which we shall make to you in future by our letters in Latin or in French sealed under our privy seal or under our signet, on which shall be written these words in our own hand-Pater Sancte-you will be pleased to regard as specially recommended and to understand for certain that they are dear to our heart; for our intention is not to put pressure on you henceforward by this countersign, but to use it only as we can and ought. And know, Holy Father, that this arrangement is not known to anyone except my lord William aforesaid and to Master Richard de Bury, our secretary, of whom we are sure that they will keep it secret in every case. This document was written by the hand of the said master Richard, for because of various occupations that we had at the time of sending these letters, we could not undertake so much writing.