chapter  49
Pages 22

Chapters, iv, 298, n. 1 [French]) Edward, etc. As we have at this time reserved to our chamber the farm of the alien priories in the Isle of Wight, the county of Southampton and of the priory of Burstall in Holderness in the county of York, and on this we have heard that you have made assignments of the priories, not having regard to our reservation, of which we hold you badly paid,

We order you that henceforth you should not make any assignment of the said priories nor meddle at all with the lands or priories which we have reserved to our chamber. And if you have any assignment, made for Easter term next coming, we will that it should be cancelled at once. Given under our privy seal at Westminster, the 30th day of March, the 14th year of our reign in England and the first year of our reign in France.