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For the praise and glory of God, and the tranquillity and peace of the English Church, amongst the other remissions and favours which, in the fiftieth year of our reign over England, we have conceded and given and granted to our subjects of the kingdom, by our royal piety and clemency, we have caused to be ordained about the collations, presentations, and donations of benefices…that we will not provide to any benefice which shall come into our hand before the 15th day of February, in the 50th year of our reign in England, by reason of the temporalities of archbishoprics, bishoprics, abbacies, priories, and other vacant monasteries, nor will we make any collation, presentation, or donation of such benefices to any person, by any colour or title, but rather we wish to abstain, both we and our heirs, from the collation, presentation, or donation of such

benefices, which before the specific time were vacated, and we wish to be bound by this our gracious concession.