chapter  C
Pages 33

Whereas in the ordinance which we made concerning the vicarage of the parish church of Westharptree, appropriated to you and your monastery, it is contained that the vicar shall have all the houses of the rectory with the dovecote, curtilage and garden adjacent (except that the granges etc. are reserved to you); but we think that the vicar should have a house separate from the houses of the rectory and nearer to the church. We ordain that the vicar shall have the whole house of the tenant of the church opposite the gates of the rectory with the curtilage and close adjacent fitting for the status of the vicar, viz., with the hall and two solars and two cellars, one solar with the cellar at the front end of the hall, and another solar with the cellar at the back end of the hall. Also a kitchen, a grange, a stable for three horses, and a dovecote to be built within six months from the time they shall have possession of the church at their costs. The vicar shall maintain the house. The vicar shall have five acres of arable land, and two acres of meadow pertaining to the mansion and tenement of the tenant, with free common of pasture for his beasts at all times of the year in the fields and hills, and common feedings and pastures of the township of Westharptree and free faculty to mow heath in the hills of Mendip, as much as he wishes. For which lands, etc., now assigned to the vicar we take away two quarters of wheat, two quarters of oats, and two quarters of barley, and three wagonloads of hay from our first ordinance. If the abbot and convent do not build the house within the time, or the vicar cannot have the house with the lands, etc., as above, we will that our first ordinance shall remain firm.