chapter  I
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Memorandum that master Richard of Naundes gave the house where the school is held, with other houses adjacent. Also, abbots now dead gave for the poor boys of the school 28 cob-loaves each week, with the order that they should be distributed on each school day by the master at his will. John Passevant, the archdeacon, collected the statutes of the school, and its privileges. Also John Haule gave a large Priscian for the school…. Also Dom Hugh of Eversdone confirmed the privileges, statutes, and liberties conceded to the school. “In the name of God, amen. Here begins the mode of life of the poor scholars in the almonry:— First, let them be admitted for a period of five years at least, which will be a sufficient time for them to become proficient in grammar. Also, no-one shall absent himself from the almonry, without the licence of the subalmoner, on pain of being sent away until he is formally re-admitted. Also, whoever is convicted as incontinent or suspected of being so, or is a wanderer by night, insubordinate, or dissolute, shall be totally expelled. Also, let those who are admitted to the school at once shave a full crown, like the choristers; and let them keep up their tonsure, as befits clerks. Also, everyone shall say each day matins of Our Lady, for himself, and on every feast day seven psalms for the convent and our founders. This ordinance was made for the conduct of poor scholars in the almonry of St Albans, on St Ambrose’s day, 1339.”