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This indenture made between John, King of Castile and of Leon, on the one part, and John Cheyne, clerk, on the other part, witnesses that the said king and duke has granted and has let to farm to the said John Cheyne forty acres and three roods of his demesnes near to Barton under Needwood, together with his sheep-run and all the enclosure of his manor there with the appurtenances, to have and to hold to the said John Cheyne from the day of the making of these letters until the term of five years next coming…rendering for them each year to the said king and duke and his heirs 66s 8d at the terms of Easter and Michaelmas by even portions. And the said king and duke wishes that the said John Cheyne should have workmen of his tenants there, that is to say, to mow the said meadows and to make the hay of them, and to carry it at his costs, making ready payment in manner as has been made in times past, and also housebote and haybote for the said sheep-run by survey of his foresters, reasonably when need shall arise, and pasture in Needwood and in the Peak, and elsewhere in his lordship there for his sheep, and a shepherd from his bondmen of Barton at his costs, making ready payment in manner as has been used in times past. So that always he should pay for each twenty sheep that he may have in the said pasture of the Peak 4d a year, and that he should sustain at his own costs the said sheeprun during the term above said and that he should surrender it at the end of the five years abovesaid in as good a state as he has received it. In witness, etc. Given, etc. at Northampton the first day of December, the fourth year.