chapter  C
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Richard by the grace of God King of England and of France and Lord of Ireland, to all and singular the admirals, captains, constables, lieutenants of constables, collectors of customs, and wardens of the sea ports and of other maritime places and the sheriffs, mayors, bailiffs, reeves, and all other officials and faithful servants, appointed by land and by sea, to whom these present letters shall come, greeting. Know that of our special grace and at the requests of our beloved Antonio Bragadino and Andrea Sisi, the masters of two Venetian galleys now in the port of London, and so that they may come to and enter our kingdom…with their goods and merchandise…we have conceded and given licences to the aforesaid masters that they with their galleys and merchandise…and also other masters from Venice…may enter and leave our kingdom and may buy victuals and provisions…without payment of subsidies or customs. Provided that they pay our customs, subsidies and other dues on merchandise exposed for sale…and provided that they pay promptly from time to time for victuals that they have taken. Nothing is to be 1 A weight of 28 lbs, so that there were 80 tods to the sarpler. 2 This was one of the centres for the collection of Cotswold wool, and William Midwinter was the dealer from whom the Celys bought the bulk of their wool.