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Edward by the grace of God, King of England, Lord of Ireland and Duke of Aquitaine, to archbishops, bishops, abbots, priors, earls, barons, justices, sheriffs, reeves, ministers, and all his bailiffs and faithful men, greeting. Know that by our special grace and for the good service that our beloved Adam Nowel has rendered to us in Scotland we have conceded and by this charter confirmed to the same Adam that he and his heirs in perpetuity shall have a market every week at his manor of Netherton in Great Harwood in the county of Lancaster and a fair each year on the day of St Laurence [10 August, probably; though St Laurence was also commemorated on 17 October] unless that market and that fair should be to the harm of neighbouring markets and fairs. Wherefore we wish and firmly enjoin for us and our heirs that Adam and his heirs shall have in perpetuity at his manor the market and fair with all the liberties and free customs that pertain a market and fair of this kind, unless that market and that fair shall be to the harm of neighbouring markets and fairs as is aforesaid. With these witnesses: the venerable fathers John, Archbishop of Canterbury, Primate of All England; Robert, Bishop of Chichester, our Chancellor; Henry Earl of Derby, our cousin; John de Vere Earl of Oxford; Thomas de Wake; Henry of Ferrars, our Chamberlain; and others. Given by our hand at Walton, 20th June, in the twelfth year of our reign. By writ of privy seal.